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Vol. 26, No. 3 & 4, 1977

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Front cover: Frontal View of Therapon jarbua (Forsskal, 1775) Feeding in Mangrove Forest.


A Preliminary List of the Amphibia of Phuket Island and Adjacent Mainland, Peninsular Thailand.

Dawn W. Frith NHBSS_026_3-4e_Frith_APreliminaryLi

On Some Fresh-water Algae from North Surin Island.

Prasit Buri NHBSS_026_3-4f_Buri_OnSomeFreshWaterAlg

Preliminary Survey and Biogeographic Analysis of the Birds of the Surin Islands, Thailand.

Warren Y. Brockelman & Nivesh Nadee NHBSS_026_3-4g_Brockelman_PreliminarySu

A Preliminary Study of the Vegetation of Surin Islands.

Tem Smitinand NHBSS_026_3-4h_Smitinand_APreliminaryStu

To What Fate, the Surin Islands?

Warren Y. Brockelman NHBSS_026_3-4i_Brockelman_ToWhatFateTheSu

Restriction of Type Localities of Some Fresh-water Mollusca Described from Thailand.

William H. Heard NHBSS_026_3-4j_Heard_RestrictionOfTypeLocali

Sillago intermedius, a New Species of Sand Whiting from the Gulf of Thailand (Pisces: Sillaginidae).

Thosaporn Wongratana NHBSS_026_3-4k_Wongratana_SillagoInterme

A Survey of the Snakes of Phuket Island and the Adjacent Mainland Areas of Peninsular Thailand.

C.B. Frith NHBSS_026_3-4l_Frith_ASurveyOfTheSnakesO

A Study of the Waterfowl at Thale Noi Waterfowl Reserve Area.

Philip J. Storer NHBSS_026_3-4m_Storer_AStudyOfTheWaterf


The Sea Snake Hydrophis spiralis (Shaw): A New Species of the Fauna of Thailand.

Clifford B. Frith NHBSS_026_3-4n_Frith_TheSeaSnakeHydroph

New Species of Ebenaceae from Thailand.

Chamlong Phengklai NHBSS_026_3-4o_Phengklai_NewSpeciesOfEbe



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