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Vol. 7, No. 1, 1927

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Front coverNHBSS_007_1a_FrontCover
A Copepod (Argulus indicus) Parasitic on the Fighting-Fish in Siam.Charles B. WilsonNHBSS_007_1c_Wilson_ACopepodArgulusInd
Description of a New Cyprinoid Fish from Siam.L.F. de BeaufortNHBSS_007_1d_Beaufort_DescriptionOfAN
On a Collection of Blattidae from Southern Annam.R. HanitschNHBSS_007_1f_Hanitsch_OnACollectionO
The So-Called Musical Sole of Siam.Hugh M. SmithNHBSS_007_1g_Smith_TheSoCalledMusicalS
List of Sedges (Cyperaceae) Collected in Siam by Dr. Hugh M. Smith.Ellsworth P. KillipNHBSS_007_1h_Killip_ListOfSedgesCypera
New Species of Shipworms from Siam.Paul BartschNHBSS_007_1i_Bartsch_NewSpeciesOfSh
Miscellaneous Notes
A Little-known Orchid. (Dendrobium friedricksianum).A. KerrNHBSS_007_1j_Kerr_ALittleKnownOrchidDe
Defoliation of Teak Trees.H.B.G. Garrett NHBSS_007_1k_Garrett_DefoliationOfTeak
Monograph of the Sea-snakes (Hydrophiidae). by Malcolm Smith.NHBSS_007_1l_MonographOfTheSeaSnakesH
Second Contribution to the Knowledge of the Zoocecidia of Siam. by W.M. Docters Van Leeuwen.NHBSS_007_1m_SecondContributionToTheZo
Proceedings of the Section NHBSS_007_1n_ProceedingsOfTheSection
Back coverNHBSS_007_1o_Backcover