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Volume. 78.2 1990

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H.R.H. the Princess Mother Celebrates Her 90th BirthdayDavis, BonnieJSS_078_2b_Davis_HRHPrincessMother
The Sab Bak Inscription: Evidence of an Early Vairayana Buddhist Presence in ThailandChirapat PrapandvidyaJSS_078_2c_ChirapatPrapandvidya_SabBakInscription
The Old City of 'Chaliang' - 'Satchanalai' - 'Sawankhalok': a Problem of History and HistoriographyVickery, MichaelJSS_078_2d_Vickery_OldCityOfChaliangSatchanalaiSawnkhalok
A Prop os de Dessins de Charles le Brun Lies a la Venue d'Ambassadeurs Siamois a Paris en 1686Jacq-Hergoualc'h, MichelJSS_078_2e_JacqHergoualch_DessinsDeCharlesLeBrun1686
Performances by National Living Treasures at the Siam SocietyRaikes, Dacre F.A.JSS_078_2f_Raikes_PerformancesByNationalLivingTreasures
The Opium of the People a Brief Survey of Some Protestant Development Strategies in Northeast ThailandWebb, R.A.F. PaulJSS_078_2g_Webb_OpiumOfPeopleProtestantDevelopmentStrategies
Metallographic and Lead Isotope Studies on Metal Objects Unearthed in the Tak Area, ThailandKazuo Yamasaki et al.JSS_078_2h_YuichiroKazuo_MetallographicAndLeadIsoltopeStudiesOfMetalFromTak
Place, Power and Discourse in the Thai Image of BangkokO'Connor, Richard A.JSS_078_2i_OConnor_PlacePowerDiscourseInThaiImageOfBangkok
Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) and the Social Psychology of Religion in Chinese, Thai and Japanese ThoughtTorok, S.J.JSS_078_2j_Torok_MultiCriteriaDecisionMaking
Banbhore, an Important River Port on the Ceramic and Glass Routes: a Transit Area for Art Styles from the West to Thailand and Burma Circa 1st c.B.e.-13th c. A.D.DiCrocco, Virginia M.JSS_078_2k_Crocco_BanBhorePortOnCeramicAndGlassRoutes
Siam and Surrounds in 1830 (Notes)Sternstein, LarryJSS_078_2l_Sternstein_SiamAndSurrounds1830
Obituary: In Memory of Mom Rajawongse Chirie Voravarn (Obituary)Davis, BonnieJSS_078_2n_ObituaryChirieVoravarn