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Vol. 2, No. 1, 1916

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Front coverNHBSS_002_1a_FrontCover
On a Collection of Mammals from Siam. C. Boden Kloss NHBSS_002_1c_Kloss_OnACollectionOfMamm
On a New Race of Flying Squirrel from Siam.C. Boden KlossNHBSS_002_1d_Kloss_OnANewRaceOfFlying
Descriptions of Five Tadpoles from Siam.Malcolm Smith NHBSS_002_1e_Smith_DescriptionsOfFiveT
Descriptions of Three New Lizards and A New Snake from Siam. Malcolm Smith NHBSS_002_1f_Smith_DescriptionsOfThre
A List of the Crocodiles, Tortoises, Turtles and Lizards at Present Known to Inhabit Siam. Malcolm SmithNHBSS_002_1g_Smith_AListOfTheCrocodile
Some Additions to the Siamese Avifauna.E.G. Herbert NHBSS_002_1h_Herbert_SomeAdditionsToT
A List of Birds not Previously Recorded from Siam, with notes. W.J.F. Williamson NHBSS_002_1i_Williamson_AListOfBirdsNo
Miscellaneous Notes
The Porcupine of Tenasserim and Southern Siam. Oldfield ThomasNHBSS_002_1j_Thomas_ThePorcupineOfTena
A New Binturong from Siam. Oldfield Thomas NHBSS_002_1k_Thomas_ANewBinturongFrom
Two New Bush-Larks from Siam.E.C. Stuart Baker (With note by W.J.F. Williamson.)NHBSS_002_1l_Baker_TwoNewBushLarksFrom
The Giant Ibis (Thaumatibis gigantea).W.J.F. WilliamsonNHBSS_002_1m_Williamson_TheGiantIbisT
Occurrence of the Barred Ground-Dove (Geopelia striata) in Siam.W.J.F. Williamson NHBSS_002_1n_Williamson_OccurrenceOfTh
Mummified Specimen of Malay House -Swift (Cypselus subfurcatus). C.H. FortyNHBSS_002_1o_Forty_MummifiedSpecimenOf
Some New Lepidoptera from Siam.Lord RothschildNHBSS_002_1p_Rothschild_SomeNewLepidop