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Volume. 89 2001

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[Obituaries] Leh Tsan KwayJSS_089_0b_ObituaryLehTsanKway
[Obituaries] O. W. WoItersJSS_089_0c_ObituaryOWWolters
Translating Thai Poetry: Cushman, and King Narai's "Long Song Prophecy for Ayutthaya"Richard D. Cushman, Translator and David K. Wyatt, EditorJSS_089_0d_CushmanWyatt_TranslatingThaiPoetry
Intellectual Origins of strong Kingship (Part 2)Attachak SattayanurakJSS_089_0e_AttachakSattayanurak_IntellectualOriginsOfStrongKingshipII
Origins of the Nineteenth Century Transformation of Cosmology in Northern Siam: The Nan Inta-McGilvary Debates on Science and ReligionHerbert R. SwansonJSS_089_0f_Swanson_OriginsOf19thCenturyTransformationOfCosmology
Yunnanese in Thailand: Past and PresentHe PingJSS_089_0g_HePing_YunnaneseInThailand
Revenue Document from Thai-Occupied KengtungAlan D. Cameron and Kenneth G. ClarkJSS_089_0h_CameronClark_RevenueDocumentFromKengtung
The Chiang Mai Campaign of 1787-1788: Beyond the Chronicular AccountTun Aung ChainJSS_089_0i_TunAungChain_ChiangMaiCampaign1787
Thai Descendants in Burma: A Thai Court Dancer's FamilyTin Maung KyiJSS_089_0j_TinMaungKyi_ThaiDescendantsInBurma
On M.L. Manich JumsaiAddress by Dr. Sumet Jumsai, 4 October 2001JSS_089_0k_ExhibitionOfBooksOfManichJumsai
On Books from the Ayutthayan EraAddress by Michael Smithies, 4 October 2001JSS_089_0k_ExhibitionOfBooksOfManichJumsai
Ayutthaya Era BooksJSS_089_0k_ExhibitionOfBooksOfManichJumsai
More on M.L. Manich JumsaiAddress by Sumet Jumsai, 11 October 2001JSS_089_0k_ExhibitionOfBooksOfManichJumsai
On Books from the Nineteenth CenturyAddress by Michael Smithies, 11 October 2001JSS_089_0k_ExhibitionOfBooksOfManichJumsai
Thai Word CoiningH.R.H Prince Wan Waithayakon Krommun Naradhip BongsprabandhJSS_089_0l_PrinceWan_ThaiWordCoining
Wat Chaiyaphrukmala, Taling Chan, BangkokThongsuk BanthongchitJSS_089_0m_ThongsukBanthongchit_WatChaiyaphrukmala
The Antiqurian Society of Siam Speech of King ChulalongkornChris Baker, TranslatorJSS_089_0n_Baker_AntiquarianSocietySpeechOfKingChulalongkorn
A Regional Approach to Thailand: Reflections on the writings of A. Thomas KirschHjorleifur JonssonJSS_089_0o_ReviewArticles
Dark City, White Space: A review of books featuring black and white photography on life and death in BangkokOliver HargreaveJSS_089_0o_ReviewArticles
Bachchan Kumar, editor Glimpses of Early Indo-Indonesian Culture, Collected Papers of Himansu Bhusan SarkarReviewed by Professor emeritus Slisurang PoolthupyaJSS_089_0p_Reviews
National Library, Department of Fine Arts Tamra Bhab Devarup lae Devata NabagrahReviewed by Michael WrightJSS_089_0p_Reviews
Dan F. Bradley Simo: The Story of a boy of SiamReviewed by Ronald D. RenardJSS_089_0p_Reviews
Anne Peters, compiler and Heinz Bechert, editor Burmese ManuscriptsReviewed by Peter SkillingJSS_089_0p_Reviews
Martin Stuart-Fox Historical Dictionary of Laos (2nd edition)Reviewed by Penny Van EsterikJSS_089_0p_Reviews
Sid Brown The Journey of One Buddhist Nun: Even Against the WindReviewed by Penny Van EsterikJSS_089_0p_Reviews
John Girling Interpreting Development: Capitalism, Democracy and the Middle Class in ThailandReviewed by Gary SuwannaratJSS_089_0p_Reviews
Elizabeth Hinton Oldest Brother's Story: Tales of the Pwo KarenReviewed by Christina FinkJSS_089_0p_Reviews
Kasian Tejapira Commodifying Marxism: The Formation of Modem Thai Radical Culture, 1927-1958Reviewed by Craig J. ReynoldsJSS_089_0p_Reviews
Pinkaew Laungaramsri Redefining Nature: Karen Ecological Knowledge and the Challenge to the Modern Conservation ParadigmReviewed by Hjorleifur JonssonJSS_089_0p_Reviews
Andrew Turton, editor Challenging the Intellectual and Political Limitations of Essentialist and Racist Thinking. Review of Civility and Savagery: Social Identity in Thai StatesReviewed by John MckinnonJSS_089_0p_Reviews