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Vol. 1, No. 1, 1914

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TitleAuthorPDF file
Contents of Volume INHBSS_001_1b_ContentsOfVolume1
List of Plates and Maps in Volume INHBSS_001_1c_ListOfPlatesAndMapInVolume1
Addenda and CorrigendaNHBSS_001_1d_AddendaAndCorrigenda
Explanation of Plate.NHBSS_001_1f_ExplanationOfPlate
The Snakes of Bangkok.Malcolm SmithNHBSS_001_1g_Smith_TheSnakesOfBangkok
Notes on the Races of Serow, or Goat-antelope, found in Siam.A.J. IrwinNHBSS_001_1h_Irwin_NotesOnTheRacesOfSe
Notes on the Fauna and Flora of Ratburi and Petchaburi Districts.K.G. GairdnerNHBSS_001_1i_Gairdner_NotesOnTheFaunaA
A Preliminary list of the Birds of Bangkok.W.J.F. WilliamsonNHBSS_001_1j_Williamson_APreliminaryLi
A New Species of Bat from Siam. (Hipposideros lylei).Oldfield ThomasNHBSS_001_1k_Thomas_ANewSpeciesOfBatfr
Miscellaneous Notes
Migration of Rats.T.S. ButlerNHBSS_001_1l_Butler_MigrationOfRats
Sore Neck in Sambar.P.R. KempNHBSS_001_1m_Kemp_SoreNeckInSambar
A Case of Triplets in an Elephant.D.F. MacfieNHBSS_001_1n_Macfie_ACaseOfTripletsInAnEl
Distribution of Certain Animals in Siam.K.G. GairdnerNHBSS_001_1o_Gairdner_DistributionOfCer
Breeding of the Painted Snipe.E.G. HerbertNHBSS_001_1p_Herbert_BreedingOfThePain
Breeding of the Painted Snipe in Siam.C.H. FortyNHBSS_001_1q_Forty_BreedingOfThePaint
The Moulting of Snipe.E.G. HerbertNHBSS_001_1r_Herbert_TheMoultingOfSnip
Distribution of the Indian Pied Kingfisher (Ceryle varia) and Spotted Owlet (Athene brama) in Siam.E.G. HerbertNHBSS_001_1s_Herbert_DistributionOfThe
Distribution of Ancistrodon rhodostroma, the Malayan Viper, in Siam.Malcolm SmithNHBSS_001_1t_Smith_DistributionOfAncis
Large Banded Krait.Malcolm SmithNHBSS_001_1u_Smith_LargeBandedKrait
Note on an Inland Sea Cave in Muang Pran.S.W. MastermanNHBSS_001_1v_Masterman_NoteOnAnInlandS
Proceedings of General MeetingsNHBSS_001_1w_ProceedingsOfGeneralMeeti